I saw this lady, Jenna, perform two weekends ago at Timber Fest. I was simply moved and completely mesmerized by her lyrics. You know what was strange? My friend, a producer, and the musician Caroline produced said, “yeah, I couldn’t get involved with her lyrics. She made me want to go to sleep. I liked the other band the String Quartet’s performed with.” Beyond that, the second group of people I was chilling with, didn’t even notice this lady perform.

Jenna (aka Avians Alight) still speaks to me and she only sells her music on the internet because who needs CDs anymore. Some other performer had a red Volvo in the parking lot and was bumming out his CD’s but…no seriously, there is no point to that remark.

Did I also mention this song is called Unico which is Unique + Unicorn?

Breaking it down (you can’t even google her lyrics):
I should stop
I should slow down
I should take some time
Lest I never learn to
restless weary heart of mine
I wait
I’ve been waiting
For what never come
Just wait
And keep waiting
for whatever come
I don’t know why I go but I do
I can’t help it neither can you
I don’t know why I go but I do

I don’t mind going through it knowing I can(‘t?) win