To Share My Flesh with Your Flesh

Hey Daddy-
I have an infection on my knee (from my bike fall last week). The wound isn’t super deep but I have some layers of skin to grow back and from what I have heard, I have a few weeks of healing (ugh). And if not obvious, my knee is an area where I bend, sweat, etc. This thing definitely is infected or perhaps I should say that it continues to become infected…I’ve been cleaning it once a day–combination of using soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol etc. I then change the gauze and use neosporin and rewrap it. X hours later, I feel pus on the wound/dripping down my knee and low and behold I have some nasty pus on it. If there are any prescriptions I should have, let me know? i have a feeling this will still be healing when you come to town if you want to bring anything….I’ve never a) had a cut this deep, b) had an infected wound so I’m not sure if my panic is just due to the novelty of having something pussy/porous/etc. Is it healthy to leaving it unbandaged and exposed from time to time?

If needed, I’d say the size of the wound is about the size of my thumb (maybe even two thumb sizes as far as the height).

Pics attached.