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Thanks for thinking of Costco. Costco does not participate in search, retargeting, display, etc. We do not pay for any form of advertising and we do not heavily participate in Facebook. We have 50M cardmembers and we spend our time and money on initiatives to drive our already loyal member base to the web. We do this with a 100% in-house model to keep costs low for our members. The philosophy has been in place for 25+ years and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.


Ginnie also forwarded your email to me and asked me to respond so no need to reach out to her again. 





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How are you and how is 2013 treating you?  I was hoping to meet and discuss Costco & ZZZZ.  ZZZZZ solves common problems for marketers, such as finding new customers and getting the most value from existing ones. ZZZZZ is best known for prospecting with Search Retargeting, but as part of our programmatic technology, we also provide the most granular form of site retargeting. And now with FBX access, we are the only company that brings scalable search data into the Facebook Exchange.


I’m based in Seattle and would welcome the opportunity to meet.  When works for you?  Please let me know if there’s anyone else to whom I should reach.