…run into my gynecologist at the members only preview for the Gainsborough show at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM).  Moreover, I would go out of my way to say hi to him, to say, “hey (nudge), I know you, you’re my doctor” in front of his wife…as if she didn’t know what “being my doctor” meant.  True, he’s technically my PCP, but seriously?  “This must be an unusual thing for you,” I joked.  His wife said, “we run into his patients everywhere.”  I guess what could have been more classic/typical would be a “hey (nudge), you’re my doctor.  You’ve looked at my who-ha. Last time I saw you was because I came in for a biopsy and I was so scared I was paralyzed for a few days. I played it off well though ahd how’s that intern doing who was 60 years old? That was really fun checking out that chunk of my vaj-j that you chopped off. Good times had by all. (pause) You have yourself a Happy Valentines day tomorrow. Treat her to something special (wink)”