“Follow her, she’s going to the LINK.”  Guy tags along behind girl.  Girl’s phone is dying.  Guy  lets girl look up directions on Microsoft phone: girl can’t operate Microsoft phone.  Guy and Girl talk.  Guy had just flown back from dance camp: girl had just flown back from a final round job interview and already been rejected.  Girl says, “fat camp?  Like that movie with Ben Stiller?  You know…that movie?”  Guy went to dance white people dances—salsa, foxtrot, ballroom dancing, the kind of dances the girl had to take for her father’s 50th birthday so that she could waltz with her father in that dog and pony show.  Early on guy says he would like to take girl dancing, at the Century Ballroom, if she wants to just pass off her number.  Girl picks up the hint but doesn’t take the bait.  Guy doesn’t notice guy behind him, laughing.  Girl can tell guy behind Guy thinks it’s a joke that these lines and talking of white people dance might be working.  Guy is at least 38, divorced, father of a 16 year old and 12 year old boy.  But.  Guy graduated college…later in life.  Dropped out, farmed on Orcas Island, lived the dream and then realized he needed to wrap up that Engineering degree.  Guy lives on the East Side, in his house, with his kids where he buys GroupOn’s for maids to come and clean his house.  Girl remembers the name of the movie….”Heavyweights?  Did you go to a dance version of fat camp as seen in the movie Heavyweights?”  Guy again wants to take girl dancing.  Girl says fine.  Guy texts her the next day.  “It’s restaurant week!  Can I take you to lunch Tuesday or Thursday?  Pick whatever place you like!”  Girl doesn’t have a job.  Girl likes lunch.  Girl likes direct language.  Girl says yes.  Girl picks ART which she later finds out is perhaps the nicest restaurant she has been to, outside of for family occasions.  Guy asks out girl for second date: rock climbing maybe over the weekend?  First has to see what’s up with the ACL surgery potential?  2 days later, says definitely can’t go rock climbing on Sunday.  GIrl was never planning on it:  cool if it happened, fine if it didn’t happen but not going to commit to it.  The second date never happens.  GIrl goes to Long Beach.  Girl goes to Costa Rica.  Girl wants brunch; brunch doesn’t happen.  Girl loses all phone numbers.  Guy never texts again.  Girl looks him up on linked in.  GIrl can’t find him on LinkedIn.  GIrl doesn’t care but a funny story when guy had said, “dancing girls never work out.  There’s such great physical chemistry but it always doesn’t pan out ultimately.  But us, I like how we met.  That’s a good story.”  And girl never says guy who followed her onto the link and talked about the samba, again.