Mom tries Cracklin Oat Bran cereal.
Chelsea: Mom, I don’t think you’d like this cereal.
Mom: Are there any Grape Nuts?
Chelsea: No, I set it aside for a moment and Dad ate the rest.
Joanna: There’s oatmeal.
Mom: That’s Juliana’s oatmeal.

There are multiple boxes of Oatmeal.

Joanna: I just ordered more oatmeal for Juliana. There’s plenty. You’re welcome to it.

Mom makes herself a bowl of Cracklin Oat cereal, even though she eats oatmeal religiously.

After eating some of the cereal, she looks down at the cereal and makes a gasping sound.

Mom: This is SO sweet!
Chelsea: I told you you wouldn’t like it.
Mom: It’s like eating dessert.
Chelsea: I knew it would be too much for you.
Mom: this is just so much.
Chelsea: Mom, there’s yogurt. Why don’t you just leave the cereal to us and get a yogurt?
Mom: A yogurt? I can’t have a yogurt? I eat yogurt at lunch everyday. I associate yogurt with lunchtime and besides I always have yogurt with a piece of fruit so I would need a piece of fruit.
Chelsea: Well, then eat oatmeal.
Mom: I can’t. It’s instant.