Trail:  Denny Creek Trail/Lake Melawka

Duration:  6 hours, on average

Length:  9 miles

Features:  voted one of the *best* hikes in best hikes 1 hour outside of Seattle by Lonely Planet, includes wildflowers, waterfalls, creeks, and a massive lake at the end.  Hike under I-90 freeway. 

Difficulty:  Moderate/streneous

Backpack includes:
2 large Honeycrisp apples from Safeway (if you take anything from this
here letter, it should be to go and pick up these apples now)
5 Akmak sesame crackers
2 liters of water (used water bottles, of course)
3 babybel slices of cheese
1 scotchmallow from See’s Candies
1 peanut butter Clif bar
Small bag of baby carrots
Ziplock bag filled with a handful of almonds and 6 brazil nuts
1 bag of healthy olive oil chips
1 royal blue-purple long sleeve nike dri-fit shirt (thank you roommate) with thumb holes.
1 fake down vest.  Target.  Winter 2011.
1 wool sweater zip-up, courtesy of Coatue hedge fund


CA Driver’s License

Keys to Apartment

Hikers wearing:
Hiker 1:
Spin pants, ¾ length
Black new balance socks
Hiking shoes
Yellow  dri-fit short sleeve shirt

Hiker 2:
Long pants
Hiking keane boots
Nike hat
Long sleeve workout thermal shirt
Red workout half-zip pullover

Items intentionally abandoned in the car:
Smartphone, supposedly locked in glove department

Black fleece jacket

Date:  October 9th, 2012

Time Hike started:  12 PM