Costa Rica Hotel:
1. turn off lights, AC and television when not in use.
2. limit your use of water ( especially hot )
3 if staying another night, rehang your towel on the rack and we will not wash it.
4 put paper, glass, metal and plastic and your recycle container.
5 remember when traveling around costa Rica to observe, listen, understand and emphasize rather than see, hear, take pictures and boast. Be humble and speak English ( or your home language) softly. You are a guest but not the center of attention. No one really cares if you are rich.
6 use ‘por favor’ and ‘gracias’ and speak as much Spanish as you can as you are capable of
7 ask before taking a picture of someone, and offer compensation ( or discreetly use a telephoto lens).
8 tip generously for good service, nothing for bad service.
9 remember the excellent bargain you negotiated for a souvenir is at the expense of someone feeding their family on an hourly wage of a dollar per hour
10. In the central valley, men wear long pants or shorts below the knees 11. Set an example by properly disposing of your garbage, and even those of others. 12 support smaller independently owned hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. that gainfully employ more Ticos, buy supplies locally and recirculate income within costa Rica
13 graciously accept whatever you are given
14 if you want all the comforts of home, ask yourself why you are traveling.