guy 1:   i just had sex with this guy last night and i swear it was laced.

guy 2:  stop it.

guy 1:   i mean i literally just fucked for two days in this guy’s apartment.  and at one point, i asked, “have i gained weight?”  i mean can you image just on all four’s…and just drilling in…and having these rolls on the side of…

guy 2:  stop.   seriously, stop it.

guy 1:   what else am i supposed to talk about?  if i can’t talk to you about this, i don’t even want to talk to you.

guy 2:  we can talk about it.  just not here.  not now.

guy 1:  no one’s listening.  they all have their iPhone’s in anyway.

guy 2:  this young lady might be.

guy 1:  oh please.

guy 2:  why don’t you continue telling me about, that, you know what you were telling me about earlier, about your mom………for now.