…um my third ear piercing hole is closing and i needed someone to pierce it.  i was thinking of going to stair case.  maybe you could get a tatoo?  and i could get a female tatoo artist put it back in for me….also, i went shopping at west marin yesterday by staples, i think, and i bought some pants that look like antonia and i got some bell bottoms and stuff that are…that i really like.  um, um, but yes, i was wondering if you want to hang out?  um, i got a bamboo that is black with neon pink and blue.  maybe we could all layout at seascape?  um, i was hoping my dad could be working with gary grant doing tomato processing in los banos.  i think he was happiest there.  he seems to me to be drying fruit right now.  i thought they worked well togetherrrr.  maybe, yeah we could hang out at my house and walk down to the pool or something.  there’s a white gold ring with yellow topaz at aptos jewelers.  i bought one kind of like it because i had lost the one i bought in italy and this one looked like it.  um, but it’s the band i want but it’s an amethyest which is prestine.  um, a little bit, i was happy to get the band i wanted.  i guess i’ll think of lesbian times or something.  um, also i’m trying to, i’m you know, trying to find a white-gold cross.  the ring, the one i bought in italy was less craft. anyway the ring i got in italy was less craCKed.  um, um, but i still think these bands are like super nice so if you want to buy it.  you’ll like topaz; it’s yellowy orange.  um, yeah call me back on my cell phone.  xxx yyyy zzzz.  um, hmmm, yeah i was wondering if you wanted to see the pashmini but i’m back in italy so ill talk to you later, bye.