M:  man.

W: Woman

M:  ‘ I know, I know, you think sausages and crazy meat dishes but I want to go to this German place to get some fried cheese.’

(man establishes he is a vegetarian)

W: “did you see one of those really political movies like fast food nation?

M: it was going to happen at one point or another.  but this just pushed me over the edge to really go with it.

W:  the movie about eating mccyd’s?

M:  No.

W:  That other documentary about slaughterhouses and butcher places?

M:  no…in the new year…i saw…avatar

W: (after laughing for ten minutes).  that was funny.

M:  no really…the movie was about taking the bare essentials versus unnecessarily killing animals for food!

W:  I once was a vegetarian and i gained 20 pounds, so i have no problems butchering animals to keep it together.

W: so what have you been eating these days?  do you just eat plates of fried cheese?  i mean, some food, like thai, i would rather have vegetarian meal than have meat in it….

M:   no.

W:  do you eat Mexican food?

M:   I went to a mexican restaurant and they didn’t have anything vegetarian…so no, that doesn’t exist.

W:  Haven’t you heard of a vegetarian burrito?

M has no reaction.

W:  I mean you should actually base your diet around Mexican food.  The only successful converts I know emphasized their meals around the beans/rice thing.  You get a lot of fiber, nutrients and protein.

M:  I just eat protein power.

W:  That’s not natural.

M:  It says “natural” on the bottle.  I don’t think you’ve seen this kind.


W:  What were you planning on doing let’s say a year ago before this whole modeling/actor thing happened?
M: I was going to be a diplomat for the United Nations, of course.  But then I thought, why do that when I can be a model-slash-actor?  What kind of influence can I have in the UN versus on a billboard?